Thank you for contacting Cancer Rehabilitation Ireland about our "Ladies Who Launch" initiative. We will be back to you shortly with details about our classes.

In the meantime please feel free to have a look at the various services we have to offer.

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Ladies Who Launch

You can also read up on the benefits of cancer rehabilitation and how it can help you in living a fuller and more healthier life.

Shifting focus from illness to wellness.

Cancer survival rates have dramatically increased in the last 40 years as a result of improved prevention, detection and treatment. However for many, surviving cancer is often the first challenge.

Occasionally people emerge from their treatment facing struggles far beyond their illness. People can live with the effects of treatment up to 10 years later. Some people have minimal pain and disability but others may suffer with pain, fatigue, physical limitations and emotional distress.

Group classes have been shown to impact the physical and emotional wellbeing of participants.

Programs are run from initial diagnosis, through treatment and onto survivorship. The door to rehab is always open, years even after treatment ends.

We have a wide range of classes for both men and women.

A one to one consultation may be necessary prior to the class to ensure exercises can be targeted to you and your personal recovery needs.

Following completion of the initial 8-week Pilates program you will have the option to continue on to the “NEXT STEPS” 8 week program which combines Yoga, Pilates and Strengthening or you may choose to repeat the PINC Pilates program.