The STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Program is dedicated to improving the strength,
quality of life and sense of well being of men diagnosed with cancer.

Join our STEEL Program

Are you a man experiencing fear, fatigue and loss of body confidence?

The STEEL rehabilitation class is designed to empower men diagnosed with cancer and inspire you to take your rehabilitation seriously.

Regaining strength and stamina helps men manage the mental effects of their cancer journey better. We acknowledge that after a male cancer, it can have a challenging effect on your identity, your role at home and work and in you relationships.

Aim of the STEEL Program

The aim of the program is to help you promote your overall wellbeing, increase your physical stamina and give you the tools to help you have an active life and achieve your goals. The program addresses the effects of surgery, treatment related deconditioning and the physical effects of treatment and long term management.

Benefits include:
• Muscle strength
• Balance
• Posture
• Fatigue- you need to invest energy to gain energy!
• Bone health
• Cardiovascular and respiratory

A walking program and home resistance plan will be part of the program. A one to one consultation may be necessary prior to the class to ensure exercises can be targeted to you and your personal recovery needs.

Following completion of the initial 8-week STEEL Program you will have the option to continue on to the “NEXT STEPS” 8 week program which combines Yoga, Pilates and Strengthening or you may choose to repeat the STEEL Program.

On completion of the “NEXT STEPS” Program you will have a further option to partake in an 8-week outdoor water based activity program which includes Kayaking and Stand up Paddle boarding.

While it may sound counter intuitive, exercising can help alleviate cancer-related fatigue.
We can help you develop an exercise program that is safe and effective for you.
We can help you with coping strategies and energy management.

Learn about the benefits of Cancer Rehab