NEXT STEPS program is a specialised “oncology exercise” group program designed to meet the health needs of people with or after cancer.

The class takes into account medications, surgery and treatments that you may have had and we will work with those.

Aim of the NEXT STEP Program

The class involves 10 x 60 minute class’s incorporation cardio exercises, Yoga, Pilates, Strength work, relaxation and mindfulness. The aim is to help people safely return to exercise and activities and to engage with long term physical activity. There is no timeline on cancer rehab! Come when you are ready.

Aim of classes:
• Improve strength and mobility
• Increase energy levels
• Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
• Improve stamina and fitness
• Help you integrate regular exercise into your life
• Connect with people on a similar journey

31% of you who living beyond cancer are inactive while half of you are still at a working age and I understand the barriers that you may feel when exercising.

How do I start?
Will I hurt myself?
Will I exacerbate symptoms?
Will I hold everyone back in a class?
You may have tried yourself and failed.

A one to one consultation may be necessary prior to the class to ensure exercises can be targeted to you and your personal recovery needs.

The tailored safe small group classes are your next step. On completion of the “NEXT STEPS” Program you will have a further option to partake in an 8 week outdoor water based activity program which includes Kayaking and Stand up Paddle boarding.

We all know we need to exercise but where do you start? How much?
What should I feel? What can happen?
The door to exercise and rehab after cancer never closes!

Learn about the benefits of Cancer Rehab