Welcome to
Cancer Rehabilitation Ireland.

Shifting focus from illness to wellness

Live better live stronger

Cancer rehab can help you live your best life.
Start where you are and do what you can!


Pioneering force behind the cancer rehabilitation movement.

We don’t treat you as
someone who is ill.

We treat you as someone who wants to increase their strength, fitness and stamina.


A specialised “oncology exercise” group program designed
to meet the health needs of people with or after cancer.

Welcome to Cancer Rehab Ireland- shifting focus from illness to wellness

At Cancer Rehabilitation Ireland we are committed to improving and supporting you through your cancer journey from diagnosis to survivorship. We achieve this though evidence based prescribed individual treatment plans based on your type of cancer, age, fitness level, stage of recovery, types of treatment and side effects.

What are the benefits of Cancer Rehab?

Programs are run from initial diagnosis, through treatment and onto survivorship. The door to rehab is always open, years even after treatment ends.
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Feeling Weak

You can return to the things you love to do.Cancer rehab can help you live with your best life.

Feeling Fatigued

We can help you develop an exercise program that is safe and effective for you.

Walking and Balance

Help you restore you balance, help with your walking and put the spring back in your step.

Emotional Support

Group classes have been shown to impact the physical and emotional wellbeing of participants.

Rehab Classes

Cancer rehab can help you live your best life. Live better live stronger. Rehab classes in person at Max Physio.
PINC Classes (Women Only): 8 WKS
NEXT STEPS Classes: 10 WKS
STEEL Classes (Men Only)
Early Recovery Classes

Rehab Classes Online

12 week (2x30 minute) Resistance classes a week.
€50 a month for 4 weeks.
Once a month we will have a virtual coffee morning after each 4 week block.

Survivorship support and services.

We can offer solutions and support to help you return to sport or try a new activity or hobby. We liaise with sports clubs and sport governing bodies to encourage survivorship education. There is an activity there for everyone and we can help you find it.

Returning to work after illness or treatment can be daunting. 1/3 to 2/3 return to work. You may be thinking about a direction change, working reduced hours or looking to retrain. We can offer support to help you talk to your employer, help you find your direction and support you through that transition.

Our Classes

There is no medication or treatment that can positively influence as many body system’s as exercise can.

PINC Pilates

For the first time in the West Cork region there will be an opportunity for you to join a PINC Pilates program which is being offered through Max Physiotherapy, Clonakilty.

STEEL Pilates

STEEL represents the strength, resolve and courage of men with cancer. The STEEL rehabilitation class is designed to empower men diagnosed with cancer.


NEXT STEPS program is a specialised “oncology exercise” group program designed to meet the health needs of people with or after cancer.

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